Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

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I know that price is no object when our pooches happiness is on the line, but let’s face it….dog treats are expensive.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make Theo happy (and healthy) with a great tasting and easy homemade dog treat recipe and still make our car payment?  What happens if he or she is a really good boy or girl this month…more treats.  Cha Ching Cha Ching

Theo Loves it and it’s Good for Him

We started down a slippery slope with Theo our miniature Pinscher by treating him to a nice bag of sweet potatoe chews.  The bag was small enough for me to eat in ten minutes while watching Vikings. The problem was that I would never buy an $13.00 bag of chips for myself.  They had great health benefits though, and Theo loved them.  That’s right…guilt. Apparently guilt is as costly as sweet potatoe chews.

But it’s Just a Sweet Potatoe!

One night we were at our neighbors for dinner.  Laurie is a great cook and foody.  She seems to know everything there is to know about food and how to prepare it.  She’s always thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative food prep ideas.  As usual the conversation took a turn to Lauries abilities and food in general.  I’m clueless on the topic and was only half following.  Later my wife asked me “did you hear Laurie talking about her dehydrator?  No” I said with feigned interest.  “Why do you ask?  Well” she replied, “Theos treats are only dehydrated sweet potatoes and if we could borrow Lauries dehydrator….”  Now I was listening.

The Dehydrator

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This is too easy.  You can’t even call it an easy dog treat receipe because a recipe, in my mind should have more than one ingredient. Sometime later I walked over to Lauries and asked if I could borrow her dehydrator, which she happily lent me.  At the local grocery store, I was very happy to discover that a 3 lb. bag of sweet potatoes could be purchased for under $4.00.  (Still pricey by your average potatoe standard, but penies compared to $13.00 per 8 oz. pet store price).  I gladly took the 30 minutes required to slice the entire bag into thin slices.  Thin slices dry more quickly and easily of course.  Make sure you use a very sharp knife as sweet potatoes are very hard and slicing an entire bag with a dull knife will wear you down.  The dehydrator that I used had 6 racks and I was able to dehydrate the whole bag in two sessions of about 8 hours.  Just slice, leave them on the rack and take them off when they feel like shoe leather.  I use zip loc bags to store the treats in.  Make sure you let the slices cool to room temperature before you zip them up.  Then just throw them on a shelf somewhere until someone is a good boy or girl.

Same Recipe Different Treat

We make sweet potatoe treats because that’s what Theo loves.  Sweet potatoes contain lots of nutrients that provide him with energy and fibre to promote digestive health.  Use whatever fruit or veggie your dog likes, but check with your vet or a recognized health site to make sure that the food is ok for dogs. (Grapes for example are not)  Apples, apricots and pears are great.  They’re a healthy snack and dogs usually love them.



One last thing.  If you don’t have a great neighbor like Laurie who can lend you her dehydrator, you can buy them online for under $50.00 (only 3 bags of store bought treats).  Happy Treat Making.






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    1. Hi Lace, you’re right. There can be alot of “rubbish” in store bought treats. There’s a certain satisfaction in making your own treats (not to mention the savings!). Thanks for your comments. Have a great day.

  1. Hello Brad, thanks for the interesting blog. I am a dog owner, and I can tell you from experience that taking care of a dog is not a easy thing to do. His dog food is $20.00 a bag. I didn’t know that dogs can eat sweet potatoes. Using a dehydrator and drying up the potatoes would be the perfect way to save some money. I wont have to keep purchasing the $20.00 bag of dog food constantly. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

    1. Thanks Ahmad, I didn’t know dogs eat sweet potatoes either, but ours loves them.
      Taste is individual though and different dogs like different things. You may have to
      experiment a bit. Good luck and have a great day.

  2. This is awesome chief =) I super love your post. First, I appreciate the idea that you innovated and found ways to give us an advice on how to make an amazing dog treat. Secondly, I am a dog lover. Had 17 dogs at home at one point. Third, I am a Miniature Pinscher owner too. I fell in love with the breed and I can’t help but share how wonderful they are. Thank you for sharing this article. I bet through this, you would have touched at least one person’s heart for you have given a very valuable and cost-efficient way to give a treat to our fur babies =) Thanks again =)

    1. Hey JR, thank you for your comment. Wow! 17 Dogs. You are a serious dog lover. That’s great. Aren’t min pins an amazing breed. They have such personality and loyalty. I hope your “fur babies” (great name) love the treats you make. Have a wonderful day.

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